From August 20th-24th 2018, the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln is hosting this year’s Summer Scientist week. This week-long annual public engagement event invites families with children aged 3 to 10 years old to the university to get involved in a variety of fun and exciting research studies, games and activities. This event allows children, parents, psychology student volunteers and psychology researchers to interact in an enjoyable, inclusive and stimulating environment. Summer Scientist week aims to encourage and inspire children’s interest in science, as well as providing researchers an opportunity to collect data to improve our understanding of how children develop.

Summer Scientist 2017 welcomed over 800 members of the public, including around 300 children, and this year’s event has proven to be just as popular with all places being fully booked in just under an hour! Research games included this year encompass a range of fields, from unfamiliar face recognition to body image and self-acceptance.

Public engagement and outreach events like Summer Scientist week have become a popular and integral part of research at the University of Lincoln. It allows families from a wide range of backgrounds and interests to get involved in science, think more critically about the world around us and learn more about the research that is conducted at the university. It is also beneficial to the university in having the opportunity to share resources, skills and knowledge with the Lincoln community, as well as encouraging members of the public to increase their interaction and participation in research.

By Sophie Mohamed

science week