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Lincoln Institute for Health Systematic Review Workshops



The Lincoln Institute for Health (LIH) Systematic Review Training Programme has been designed to introduce the key principles of systematic reviews including how to develop a systematic review protocol and interpret the results of a meta-analysis. This will be done through a series of short interactive activities and lectures. Topics include;

  • Resources required to conduct a review 
  • Formulation of an answerable question
  • Importance of, and adherence to ‘the protocol’
  • Search strategies and comprehensive literature searching
  • Identification, and recording of included and excluded research
  • Data extraction tools
  • Understanding the role of critical appraisal and risk of bias
  • Synthesising the evidence

Upon completion of the training programme participants will have the skillset to plan and conduct a systematic review of their chosen research topic. In addition to being provided with a training manual there is also the opportunity to continue to receive support from LIH staff (terms and conditions may apply!). We would welcome you on this training program if you are considering developing a health related systematic review to support a research proposal, for publication in a peer reviewed journal, as a chapter in your thesis or to guide you in best practice.

For further information please contact Dr Arwel Jones and Dr Ffion Curtis:

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