Hayley has been meeting with patients with COPD across Lincolnshire to discuss her research which involves developing an intervention to promote physical activity following pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD. Hayley has attended regular meetings with individuals who are part of distinguished COPD patient support groups, for example from British Lung Foundation ‘Breathe Easy groups’ in Lincoln and Grantham, and ‘Happy Breathers’ in Spalding, as well as meeting with a small exercise maintenance group who have been exercising and socialising together since they completed pulmonary rehabilitation last year.

All groups have been hugely welcoming and supportive about the study and they have provided helpful insight and suggestions at various intervals throughout the development of the intervention. All groups have contributed to the development of the structure and content of the intervention and a few individuals from these groups have even volunteered to be involved in the intervention. The research team is hugely appreciative of all the input provided in developing this intervention and would like to thank everyone who has been involved so far! The research team is looking forward to collaborating with individuals from the COPD groups for the duration of the feasibility study which is planned to start next month (June 2018).