• LIH Research Development Seminar – 25th January 2017

    Professor Paul Squires from the School of Life Sciences will lead the next LIH Research Development Seminar entitled, Conversations between cells, tissues and research groups: it’s good to talk

    Wednesday 25th January 2017


    Minerva Building,  Room MB3203

    My area of interest is in diabetes and our research examines how cells interact with each other in health and disease.  The Group studies cell-to-cell contact, cell-cell coupling and cell-to-cell communication in pancreatic islets, where the conversation between multiple cell types is essential for efficient insulin secretion, and in cells of the diabetic kidney, where a loss in appropriate cell-cell or cell-substrate contact underlies progression of disease. By examining the way cells cooperate to ensure appropriate function, we can learn a lot about the benefits of collaboration within an interdisciplinary team. These types of conversations underpin a healthy research culture that the Molecular Basis of Disease Group would like to explore within the LIH

    The LIH extends a warm welcome to all interested in this exciting area.

    *12-1pm presentation with Q&A

    1-2pm optional discussion and action planning

    There is no need to book

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