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Staff within the Lincoln Institute for Health (LIH) undertake research which spans the pathway from ‘bench to bedside’ and ‘cell to community’. Our research focus encompasses biomedicine and disease (including molecular and cell biology), drug design and development (bench), and practice and policy related research into quality improvement in health and social care and the effective translation of research findings into clinical and professional practice (bedside and community). All of our research is underpinned by the concept of the Lincoln ‘Living Lab’ – creating and conducting responsive research in partnership with service users, health practitioners and organisations, industry and policy makers.

Latest News

    • 16 SEP 16
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    Crystals and Medicine

    Prof Nick Blagden will lead the next research development seminar entitled, Crystals and Medicine Wednesday 28th September 2016 12pm-2pm* MHT Building, 3rd Floor, MC3108 The application of crystal science to drug development will be presented.  For many drugs the pipeline between synthesis and biological activity generates potential active pharmaceutical compounds with poor process ability or bio availability. 

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    • 18 AUG 16
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    Surgery or physiotherapy

    Lincoln Institute for Health Student Joseph Moore explores best treatment for patients with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries: Surgery or physiotherapy Treating ligament damage in knees is something sports scientists recognise as a key component in helping athletes of all levels to be at full health; but damage of this type spreads much wider than

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