Dr Enrico Ferrari from the School of Life Sciences will lead the next LIH Research Development Seminar entitled, Nanoparticles in Nanomedicine

11:45am-2pm* Wednesday 28th June 2017

David Chiddick Building,  Room DCB0101

Nanoparticles are increasingly used in medicine for the delivery of drugs, in medical imaging and in diagnostic assays. In the last decade, several types of nanoparticles have been already approved for their use in one of these three areas. This seminar will cover general aspects of nanoparticles in medicine such as the advantages and disadvantages of drug delivery using nano-carriers, some peculiar properties of materials at the nanoscale and the biological barriers that nanoparticles have to overcome to effectively reach a target in vivo. The seminar will also focus on two aspects of nanoparticles science that are object of active research within the University of Lincoln: 1. the formation of a protein “corona” when nanoparticles get into contact with body fluids and strategies to modulate this interaction; 2. natural occurring nano-vesicles, such as exosomes, and their potential in nanomedicine.

The LIH extends a warm welcome to all interested in this exciting area.

*11:45-1pm presentation with Q&A

1-2pm optional discussion and action planning

There is no need to book