• Stress, Cognitive Function and Mental Health

    Dr Kyla Pennington from the School of Psychology will lead the next LIH Research Development Seminar entitled, Stress, Cognitive Function and Mental Health

    Wednesday 26th October 2016


    Minerva Building,  Room MB3201

    In the drive towards a better understanding of complex mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, a component mechanisms or endophenotypic approach has become a popular research approach.  These characteristics are often also present in non-clinically affected individuals, and include impaired executive function and an altered stress response system.  Understanding the role of genetic, biological and environmental factors on these components, and their possible interaction, should lead to an improved understanding of mental health and contribute to an improved preventative and individualised treatment approach in the future.  This seminar will give an overview of the research conducted so far in this area in Lincoln and consider the major factors involved in planning the next stage of research for development.  The seminar will be of interest to / benefit from the attendance of psychologists, psychiatrists and hopefully anyone with a research interest in mental health.  

    The LIH extends a warm welcome to all interested in this exciting area.

    *12-1pm presentation with Q&A

    1-2pm optional discussion and action planning

    There is no need to book

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