Name of Student

Title of Study


Alex Jenkins

Alex Jenkins
CIMPRES-COPD (Changes in Inflammatory Markers during Pulmonary Rehabilitation based on Exacerbation Status)

Anna Thompson

anna thomson
Evaluating the development and implementation of integrated care

Hannah Cook

Hayley Robinson

Hayley headshot

Development and feasibility of an intervention to maintain or improve physical activity following pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Helene Markham-Jones

Helen Jones
Evaluating patient follow-up and complexity in cancer clinical trials: Development of an objective methodology to define and quantify trial complexity, intensity and workload to improve operational management and enhance models of trial delivery

Joseph Moore


Development of Biomechanical Measures to Inform the Treatment of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

Kristian Boasman

Kristian Boasman
Its elucidating the molecular mechanisms of calrleticulin and CD47 in MDS/MPN

Laura Simmons

Laura Simmons photo
Sickness absence in the ambulance service

Rebecca Turner

rebecca turner
Exploring the role of Community Navigation in promoting the wellbeing of older people

Samuel Cooke

sam cooke
Investigating the effect of exercise, cognitive, and dual-task interventions upon cognitive function in type 2 diabetes mellitus