• LIH Research Development Seminar – 29th March 2017

    Professor Alina Rodriguez from the School of Psychology will lead the next LIH Research Development Seminar entitled, Biological Psychology meets Epidemiology

    Wednesday 29th March 2017


    Minerva Building,  Room MB3203

    This talk will provide a brief overview of my research agenda focusing on the concept of prenatal programming – i.e. environmental exposures prior to birth can change the structure and function of developing organs and impact health and well-being across the lifespan.  The prenatal environment is the first environment to interact with our genes.  The focus is on preventable maternal lifestyle factors such as obesity and distress during pregnancy.  I will critically explore biologically plausible mechanisms and present examples using a variety of methodological approaches, epidemiological, experimental, and molecular to examine evidence for prenatal programming of neurodevelopment — growth and development of the brain. The goal of the research is to understand the underlying biological mechanisms and to identify markers of poor developmental trajectories. Throughout I will link to plans for future research at UoL and LIH in particular.

    The LIH extends a warm welcome to all interested in this exciting area.

    *12-1pm presentation with Q&A

    1-2pm optional discussion and action planning

    There is no need to book

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